A Guide to Shingle Roofing


Shingle roofing refers to the roof coverings that have individual element overlapping each other. The elements can either be in flat or rectangular shape. They are laid out in rows avoiding an overlapping situation in which the edges overlap on the sides. The single layer of the shingles makes sure that they resist against water. The elements are arranged in an upward motion from the bottom edges of the roof. The distance from one row to the previous row is usually about a third the length of the row. Roof ridges made of lead and copper sheeting caps were used in the past. In the present times, however, plastic underlays are commonly used for shingles. There are a wide variety of materials that can make shingles. Some of the materials are slates, cement, wood, asbestos, or paper covered in bitumen with the ceramic or aggregate material. Shingle made of paper or wood are not commonly used because they can catch fire easily when compared to fiberglass-based shingles. It is important to buy Staten Island Residential Metal Roofs that are durable. Shingle roofing needs proper sources of ventilation and correct nailing. When replacing the old roof with shingles, ensure that the old roof has been completely removed before a new one is installed. Roofing estimates require to include deck inspections for any extruded nail or dry rot.

For cedar rooftops, you can include plywood if you need a strapping. The underlay you install before the arrangement of shingle is vital. The fabric underlays used need to be in a position to allow for ventilation. The underlay should not cause any damage in case dampening occurs. Metal pieces should be completely removed and replaced when the old roof is being removed. Roof shingle use caps that are manufactured in the industries. The valleys are covered mainly with metal shingles and not knitted shingles. The sensitive roofing areas should not be compromised due to the price of the materials. Roofing shingles are installed with solid decks. It is important to ensure that the roofing has proper ventilation. Metal shingles are very safe especially when the house catches fire, as it can rarely spread to other neighboring homes. Shingle roofing is not only safe but also more durable as compared to other roofing types. The modern metal shingles cannot rust or deteriorate. They are able to maintain their colors and luster even in the harshest weather condition and climate. Staten Island Shingle Roofing also offers better energy efficiency as they act as insulating material as they also reflect sun’ infrared rays back.


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